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What is Self-Actualization

What is Self-Actualization All About Anyways?

Self-Actualization is a term that was popularized by Abraham Maslow – a pioneering developmental and positive psychologist of the twenty-first century. It is most widely known as the top of […]

Purposeful Entrepreneur

#004: Leo Babauta on Fostering Mindful Productivity [Podcast]

On Episode 4 of The Actualizing Self Podcast, I talk with Leo Babauta who is motivating hundreds of thousands of people to simplify their lives yet increase productivity. He gives some […]

Purposeful Entrepreneur

#003: Francis Pedraza on Climbing Your Everest [Podcast]

On Episode 3 of The Actualizing Self Podcast, I interview Francis Pedraza about his efforts to leverage technology to unlock human potential. He reflects on his learnings about imagination, optimism,  entrepreneurship and more […]

Purposeful Entrepreneur

#002: Miki Agrawal on Doing Cool Sh*t in Business [Podcast]

On Episode 2 of The Actualizing Self Podcast, I speak with Miki Agrawal who is a next generation leader of sustainable business. She has a lot of wisdom to share with us on […]

evernote conference

Evernote set to take over world… of productivity!

Last week, the third annual Evernote Conference (EC3) was held here in San Francisco with lots of fan fare. Since I’m so passionate about personal productivity, I figured this was an event […]