How often do you do absolutely nothing?

Doing nothing? It’s an oxymoron that conjures up a sense of being bored. Ironically, this is the essence of the profound spiritual practice of meditation. Cultivating mindfulness through meditation has a multitude of scientifically-proven benefits ranging from deeper awareness to reduced stress.

In the following clip from Andy Puddicombe, an advanced practitioner of mindfulness and founder of Headspace, he nicely lays out the profound benefits of doing nothing even for short periods of time everyday. Take ten minutes now, while listening to his entertaining TED talk, to reflect on how this practice could potentially be the daily ritual that alters the fundamental way that you relate to life:

I’ve been an avid meditator for about seven years now and can vouch for its profound impact. The one example that comes to mind is back in my sophomore year of college. During this time, I had taken on a number of leadership positions within my Fraternity on top of a full course load. With the amount of people that I was dealing with on a regular basis, I was constantly being inundated by thoughts and feelings which made it very difficult to fall asleep at night. Once I started to sit for just a few minutes a day, I gained an incredible amount of objectivity on the content of my consciousness which permitted me to more fully disengage (i.e. sleep) at will thus allowing for increased rejuvenation to step back into the busi-ness of life ready for action.

If you can’t remember the last time you took time to do absolutely nothing, I strongly encourage you make this a daily habit even if its only for a few minutes per day. Take my word for it… you will realize greater freedom!



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