Finding Support You Need to Climb Your Everest

Like all ambitious people, you have goals and dreams that you want to achieve. These surely range from BHAGs (Big Harry Audacious Goals) to the more mundane things that you’d simply like to get done this week. No matter what is it is, having a support crew to bring some accountability to your efforts can be make or break. Enter Everest.

Everest is a new social network designed to bring together people that want to make the most out of life. “Founded on the belief that there is no separation between creating a better self and a better world, Everest exists to unlock human potential,” as described on their site. For those of us that want to do big things in life (you know like climb the highest mountain in the world), this is a resource that we should be saying: It’s about time!

Everest AppGiven that the network is dedicated to self-actualization, it seemed fitting to write a blog post on the work of this startup. I’ve been getting very involved on the Everest platform in recent months. It is now serving as my primary place to define short and long term aspirations. What I love about it is the encouragement that I get to take my next steps and emotional uplift of “inspiring” other users. Track my progress towards dream completion by following me via their app (I’m patiently waiting for the web-based interface!). Have you signed up on Everest? If so, let me know in the comments section below so that I can follow you as well.

Of any startups that I have come across since moving out to San Francisco almost a year and a half ago, I have not felt so compelled to get involved with any as with Everest. For full transparency, I actually made an investment in the company given the alignment of our purpose. Just to note, Everest is in the midst of another round of funding via AngelList. If you have the means and interest in backing them, it would be great to have you on board.

The reason for my own investment, which is not new to the traditional venture capital world, is fourfold: the vision of the company, the potential of the founder, the team assembled, and the roadmap to make the vision a reality. As I’ve described already, I’m a big believer and fully dedicated to unleashing human potential which this blog site is a testament of. It’s rare to find a startup that has such a compelling vision and that adheres to the principles of conscious capitalism but Everest seems to do just this.

Purposeful_Entrepreneur_AdFrancis Pedraza, the founder and CEO of Everest, has in my opinion the leadership skills to pull off something like the next Facebook. To explore this in a public forum, I’ve invited Francis to join me for an interview on The Way of the Purposeful Entrepreneur. If you haven’t registered for this series yet, you can do so here. I’ll be sure to cover his thoughts on the remaining components of a smart venture investment: building a world-class team and executing a strategy for success. Keep an eye out for its release!



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