Purposeful Entrepreneur

Exploring the Way of the Purposeful Entrepreneur

Given the challenges facing humanity, we must look towards business as a means to innovate and implement solutions. In my opinion, our best hope to push humanity forward is by encouraging a new wave of entrepreneurship that is purpose-driven at its core. Beyond a desire to simply earn a profit, companies created and lead by “purposeful entrepreneurs” have a strong sense of mission to change the world for the better starting with themselves.

In recent years, social entrepreneurship and lifestyle entrepreneurship have become increasingly popular. These two forms are definitely examples of what can be defined as purposeful entrepreneurship. At the same time, we can consider what a purpose-driven approach to business looks like in a broader sense as well. Actualizing Self has for this reason kicked off a FREE video interview series to get up close and personal with some of the best examples we can find to understand what it really means to do this in practice.

The cultural milieu of our generation is shifting such that people are increasingly identifying and valuing the need for conscious capitalism. The whole idea of a triple bottom line – economic, social and environmental benefits – of a company continues to resonate very deeply among people with the heart to care about the state of our world. This conceptualization of sustainable business does provides a solid framework to begin an exploration into what it means to be a purposeful entrepreneur. We can take the two examples mentioned above as examples though of how different expressions of entrepreneurship approach a sense of purpose.

When considering the type of work of a “social entrepreneur,” people typically look for examples of individuals addressing issues involving the underprivileged or in the third-world. For example, bringing clean energy and water to remote villages in exchange for payment by the local beneficiaries. Social entrepreneurs can also be focused beyond the base of the pyramid at the leading edge of human culture. No matter the focus in terms of demographics, these ventures tend to have deep alignment between their purpose and profit-motive. Some of the best examples of purposeful entrepreneurship can be found in this domain and we will highlight some of them in our interview series.

Alternatively, the “lifestyle entrepreneur” is a recent phenomenon involving an individual dedicated to creating a successful business that enables them to live out their deepest aspirations.  The primary driver in these instances is typically a desire for personal freedom. The goal becomes financial freedom, freedom of time, and ultimately freedom to dedicate themselves to a higher calling. Contrasted against a more traditional paradigm (e.g. you know the nine to five desk job where you trade time for money), these entrepreneurs exhibit a strong sense of purpose in finding a radically different way of making a living. This form of purposeful entrepreneurship is in its own way a catalyst for radical social change and is deeply desirable by an increasingly amount of people.

To further explore and promote new ways to approach purpose-driven forms of entrepreneurship, we at Actualizing Self invite you to join our FREE video interview series. These 30 minute interviews will take a deep dive into the incredible work our guests are doing as well as get an insiders view into their best practices for sustaining peak performance both personally and professionally. Video teasers will be available on our YouTube channel and all recordings can be accessed here once you register. Hope you can join us!




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