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Evernote set to take over world… of productivity!

Last week, the third annual Evernote Conference (EC3) was held here in San Francisco with lots of fan fare. Since I’m so passionate about personal productivity, I figured this was an event that I needed to attend to connect with like-minded people and get the latest news on this juggernaut of a company in the space.

Due to work commitments, I wasn’t in a position to buy a regular priced ticket but felt called to make it there somehow even if it was just for a quick appearance. Luckily, I came across a contest that Moleskine was running in conjunction with Evernote (given their joint product line of physical notebooks) to go for free… well, I won! After sketching a plea in my Evernote Smart Notebook and tweeting it out, I soon heard back from @Moleskine that I was picked to get a complimentary ticket to attend plus some cool swag. Evernote

While I wasn’t able to make it to much of the conference, I did catch the second day keynote with Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote (@plibin), where he talked about the philosophy of the company and their latest developments. It was clear to me after hearing Libin speak that Evernote is on course for world domination. They are up to 75 million users at this point only 5 years into their “100 year startup journey” with offices around the globe. Their suite of products across all different mediums is proving to be a critical for those folks such as myself interested in sustaining peak performance. As a dedicated user, I am very thankful for the vision of Libin for Evernote to basically become our “external brain” given the amount of information that will be coming at us in the coming decades.

It was also great to see the success of Evernote Business since it’s launch only last year. Something like 8,000 companies have signed up since it launched across all different industries. While I haven’t tried it yet, I look forward to making Evernote Business foundational to my future ventures… that’s for sure! There were a number of video case studies shown of businesses such as in the Real Estate sector that gave me a glimpse into the possibilities. Another exciting announcement was the company’s continued diversification into physical products with the launch of the Evernote Market. You should check it out for yourself but I can attest to the coolness of many of their new releases. It a really smart move in my opinion for the company to continue to expand its partnerships with other reputable brands.

I also got to listen to the panel discussion between Phil Libin and Mark Benioff, CEO of Salesforce.com (@Benioff) which was impressive from a high level perspective. Both leaders expressed deep passion for the work of their respective companies and expounded the possibility of self-realization when you are dedicated to doing something you love that has a higher purpose. Benioff mentioned how his mentor, Steve Jobs, continuously reread and recommended the book Autobiography of a Yogi to many of his counterparts in light of the impact it had on his own life philosophy.

Having a chance just to walk around the conference hall was a treat. There is so much creativity streaming through the Evernote Community so I was happy to get more exposure to the people. Even in the short amount of time I was there, I was able to make a few key connections with some company insiders and got exposed to a few related companies (i.e. Pocket and iHealth) whose products will surely be incorporated into my world.

Despite not being able to attend much of the event in person, I did make sure to watch the livestream for the final keynote by David Allen, productivity guru and founder of Getting Things Done (GTD). Given my exposure and dedication to GTD, it was a pleasure listening to Allen on how Evernote fits into his whole system for stress-free productivity.

To sum it up, I am very bullish on the future of Evernote and feel that everyone should jump on this band wagon. If you have any interest in being a productive person in the knowledge economy, you’ll want to make sure that you leverage the power of the Evernote ecosystem as much as possible! Hope to see you at EC4.




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