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#005: Dan Adams on Pursuing a Higher Purpose [Podcast]


On Episode 5 of The Actualizing Self Podcast, I interview Dan Adams who is leading social ventures centered around higher purpose. He shares experiences from his entrepreneurial efforts to inspire others about what’s possible when we move beyond our believed limitations.

Entrepreneur Bio:

Dan Adams who is a social entrepreneur who founded Athletic Capital and co-founded The Higher Purpose Project. With Athletic Capital, Dan successfully led his first international initiative, Mission Kilimanjaro (www.MissionKilimanjaro.com), which was showcased on CNN, FOX, ABC, CBS, and the 2012 ESPY Awards. In May of 2013, Dan led his first HPP Summit bringing 25 people from around the world to build a life of impact. (www.thehigherpurposeproject.com)

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Episode Takeaways:

  1. Become conscious of your ability to build your own path
  2. Awaken to your potential and abilities aligned with your passion
  3. Have courage to step into the unknown to pursue what’s most important to you
  4. The essence of entrepreneurship is creating a vision and bringing other people into it
  5. Embrace the power of visualization to succeed at whatever you want to do in the world
  6. Connection and growth are two sources of higher meaning in life
  7. Be willing to go out there and make mistakes… there is no failure, only outcomes.
  8. Make sure you maintain a mindset focused on abundance as opposed to scarcity.
  9. Visualize the elements of a successful outcome and reverse engineer the process
  10. Take accountability for your life… find a partner to help!

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Your Feedback:

If you are or know of a purposeful entrepreneur that should be featured on this interview series, please email me with the details. I’m constantly on the look out for people doing great work that people should know about.

Question: How have you been able to visualize the outcomes of successes in your life and reverse engineered the process to make it a reality?